How to Fence Your Home


The American dream of home ownership conjures of images of Norman Rockwell or Tom Sawyer whitewashing the family’s picket fence and perhaps, a rose garden and a little dog in the yard. Truly, a picket fence gives a home charisma and improves its curb appeal. There are many fencing options for adding allure to your home its value, including various materials (wood, vinyl and iron, etc.) depending on the desired effect – i.e. privacy or just decorative.

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The Basic of Bricks and Masonry


If you don’t like bricks, you don’t have to be afraid of them any longer. As long as you are armed with the knowledge and have the right tools, you can complete any project that has bricks involved.

There are all kinds of bricks. There are: clay bricks, silica bricks, ceramic bricks and sand mixed with water bricks. Any uses with these types can be effective.

Why should you use brick? There are several benefits including:

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